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About Us

Headex Group was founded in Vilnius in 2003. From the very beginning, our aim has always been to enable our clients to flexibly plan their human resource, taking changing market conditions into account. We operate on both Lithuanian and international – Western European and Scandinavian – markets.

Our clients include big and smaller production, trade, logistics and client service enterprises.

  To create better lives by providing people with long-term job opportunities. To create success for clients by offering flexible solutions. To create stability for society. A good company with 30,000 employees that sets new standards in the market with its solutions. A leading company in its efficiency which is valued by its clients and copied by competitors.
  Having operated successfully in the market since 2003, Headex Group is very familiar with the kind of employees who help companies increase their added value. With offices in the biggest Lithuanian cities as well as an extensive worker database, the company can ensure the shortest employee search time and minimum employee rotation. Due to its high-performance standards and service quality, the company has become a reliable personnel solution partner for various major Lithuanian, Western European and Scandinavian businesses.
Our philosophy
  Our goal is to deliver TOP quality service to our clients and to be a trustworthy employer for candidates. Headex Group strives to achieve a long-term, close partnership. The philosophy of our company is therefore to only perform legal activities. All liabilities and legal commitments and obligations to the government and employees are executed unconditionally / without any reservation.
HEADEX Group values
No compromise to service quality!
We take full responsibility for our performance!
Maximum focus on our clients and client needs!
My colleague is my internal client!
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Searching for job?
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