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Job Title Job location Category
Pamainos vadovas (-ė) (1300 Eur) LT-Pasvalys Production/manufacturing
Bendruomenės vadybininkas (-ė) (Community Manager) (1171,04 EUR) LT-Vilnius Administration
Scenos montuotojas (-a) LT-Panevėžys Production/manufacturing
Gamybos darbuotojas (-a) LT-Utena Production/manufacturing
Biuro administratorė (-ius) (1049,30EUR) LT-Vilnius Administration
Sandėlio darbuotojas (-a) (1000-1605 EUR) LT-Kaunas Logistics
Valytojas (-a) (825 EUR) LT-Kaunas Production/manufacturing
Šaltkalvis (-ė) (1200 EUR) LT-Kaunas Production/manufacturing
Subproduktų pakuotojas Olandijoje (1900 Eur). PREMIJA vykstančiam su automobiliu 200 Eur. Netherlands Production/manufacturing
Projektų vadovas (-ė) Vokietijoje (2443 EUR) Germany Logistics
Mėsininkas (-ė) Olandijoje (1952 EUR) Netherlands Production/manufacturing
Pagalbinis darbuotojas (-a) LT-Vilnius Production/manufacturing
Biuro vadybininkas (-ė) LT-Kaunas Administration
Administratorė (-ius) LT-Vilnius Client service
Dokumentų valdymo asistentė (-as) LT-Vilnius Client service
Saldumynų produkcijos pakuotojas (-a) Vokietijoje (2381 Eur). 200 eur premija vykstantiems automobiliu Germany Logistics
Pakuotojas (-a) maisto pramonėje Olandijoje (1900 Eur) Netherlands Production/manufacturing
Ekspedicijos stumdytojas (-a) (mėsos pramonėje) Olandijoje (2100 Eur) Netherlands
Pagalbinis darbuotojas (-a) (975 EUR) LT-Kaunas Logistics
Gamybos darbuotojas (-a) (792 EUR) LT-Kaunas Production/manufacturing

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All you have to do is choose a region and an area in which you can realize your abilities, and we will take care of everything that is necessary for legal and reliable employment. We provide all social security benefits.


Temporary employment or employee leasing is a form of employment where you enter into an employment contract with HEADEX Group and we suggest you long-term and short-term work in our partner companies.

After a work assignment in a company has ended, we will suggest you work in another company. As work assignments change, the contract with HEADEX Group remains in force. We are a socially responsible company that cares about the working conditions, work safety, and social security benefits of our employees.

We emphasise that we only offer legal work and all employment services are provided free of charge.

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