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Vilniaus Kauno Klaipėdos Panevėžio Utenos Telšių Tauragės
Job Title Job location Category
Valytojas (-a) LT-Kaunas Production/manufacturing
Laidų formuotojas (-a) LT-Klaipėda Production/manufacturing
Produkcijos pakuotojai (-os) LT-Klaipėda Production/manufacturing
Produkcijos pakuotojai (-os) LT-Gargždai Production/manufacturing
Skalbėja (-as) pramoninėje skalbykloje LT-Klaipėda Production/manufacturing
Pakavimo technologas (-ė) LT-Biruliškės Production/manufacturing
Įrengimų techninės priežiūros ir remonto inžinierius (-ė) LT-Biruliškės Production/manufacturing
Pagalbinis darbuotojas (-a) LT-Vilnius Production/manufacturing
Administratorė (-ius) 0,25 etato LT-Vilnius Administration
Operatorius (-ė) LT-Kaunas Production/manufacturing
Transportuotojas (-a) LT-Kaunas Logistics
Šaltkalvis (-ė) LT-Kaunas Production/manufacturing
Spausdinimo technologas (-ė) LT-Biruliškės Production/manufacturing
Elektrotechninių gaminių tikrintojas (-a) LT-Panevėžys Production/manufacturing
Sandėlio pagalbinis darbuotojas (-a) LT-Panevėžys Production/manufacturing
Operatorė (-ius) - surinkėja (-as) LT-Panevėžys Logistics
Papildomas darbas gamyboje LT-Gargždai Production/manufacturing
Produkcijos pakuotojai (-os) LT-Šilalė Production/manufacturing
Produkcijos pakuotojai (-os) LT-Plungė Production/manufacturing
Produkcijos pakuotojai (-os) LT-Rietavas Production/manufacturing

Looking for a job in Lithuania? We are here ready to help you! We can assure you that we offer only legal jobs, and all employments services are rendered free of charge.


We can offer seasonal, full-time permanent or even short-term several days’ jobs. When employment tasks will finish in one company, we will employ you in other business.


We guarantee professional job search and employment. Even if you are not sure of the area you would be able to work at, or of the suitability of your qualification, experience, and skills level, we will be happy to advise you and offer you a suitable employment.


Please review our job vacancy ads or directly submit us your CV (resume). You can also contacts us by e-mail: info@headex.eu


All you have to do is choose a region and an area in which you can realize your abilities, and we will take care of everything that is necessary for legal and reliable employment. We provide all social security benefits.


Temporary employment or employee leasing is a form of employment where you enter into an employment contract with HEADEX Group and we suggest you long-term and short-term work in our partner companies.

After a work assignment in a company has ended, we will suggest you work in another company. As work assignments change, the contract with HEADEX Group remains in force. We are a socially responsible company that cares about the working conditions, work safety, and social security benefits of our employees.

We emphasise that we only offer legal work and all employment services are provided free of charge.

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